It's never a bad time to start working toward your goals

The newness of the new year might have worn off by now. It has been a hectic month, and you’re fully into 2019. But how do you get that spark back you had during the first week of January?

Here, we offer a few tips to reignite passion and excitement for your work.

  1. Brainstorm. Step outside your normal work space to do this – maybe a park, lunch room, if you’re lucky, a beach – and really let your mind wander about upcoming tasks/projects and how you can approach them differently and bring a newness to them. That newness will have a trickle-down effect on you too, and help reinvigorate you.

  2. Take a fresh perspective and look at every new day for a chance to start over or begin again. You didn’t stick with your New Year’s resolutions? So what. Feb. 1 is a great time to start again. Consistency is key with most anything, and it doesn’t have to be Jan. 1 to begin a goal or start on a better path. Just start. Whether it’s the beginning of a month or the beginning of a week, just pick a day that works for you and begin. And then begin again.

  3. Journal. Every so often, take stock of what’s working for you and what’s not. Ditch the stuff that’s not working and amp up the parts that are. You might start to notice helpful patterns.

  4. Ask for advice. When you feel as if you need a refresh, ask a trusted coach or mentor for advice. Their different perspective could be just the thing you need to feel renewed and ignite excitement for a project.

  5. Put the project aside. If you can, literally stop working on the project for a day, a few days, even a week and work on something else. Often times a little break can be more productive and beneficial than working straight through on a project. Your head space could be totally different when you return, and that newness is naturally imposed back on the project at hand.