When is it time to hire a coach?

We know, we know. You’re a strong leader and you’re busy. There’s not enough time in the day to answer email, let alone take time out for training, refocusing or even just getting advice. And at your level, who’s really going to give you advice anyway that you can use? Well, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be to take a little time out for yourself and to refocus on your goals and how you’re getting there in the day-to-day.

And, as you know we all can benefit from each other’s knowledge, no matter how effective you are. So, when is it time to hire a coach?

1. You’re feeling overwhelmed most days. 

Yes, you may just need to hire more help, but it also be a sign larger processes or the way you think about things need to change and evolve. A coach can help guide you in the right direction and regain a feeling of control.

2. If the thought of getting better entices you. 

Things may be going great and you feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. This actually may be a great time to hire a coach, because you’re already doing what works. Now is the time to make a few small tweaks and really get into the zone, and maximize your business potential.

3. You need someone at your level to talk to.

We all thrive off of mentors and trusted associates, but what about talking to someone who doesn’t already know you well, for an outside opinion? Sometimes it’s just easier to see things in black and white from an outside view as we all know. Plus, talking to a business coach can give you an expert to speak to and give you advice on matters you may be otherwise uncomfortable discussing with business partners.

4. You know what needs to be fixed but don’t know how to get there

If you’re stuck on how to get to the next level or fix something at your firm or business, a business or career coach often can help sort through the noise and help you pin down what needs to be changed. Going it alone can often take more time than just consulting with someone who probably already has seen what you’re going through and can easily help.

5. You’re wading into unchartered territory in business

If you’re venturing into something brand new or a new business arm that is foreign to you, chances are that someone has already walked that path and can give you solid advice about what’s ahead. Engaging with an expert who has worked with others like you or has walked that path themselves will give you piece of mind and someone to bounce ideas off of. Plus, having an objective viewpoint near you can be really beneficial for getting the results you desire.