Be Kind

Just be nice.

It really is that simple. In business, as with the rest of life, it’s best just to be kind to others. You never know what others are going through, and really it doesn’t matter. You should always be nice.

We all have stories about a friend whose boss did this or that, or the coworker who’s horrible and makes their life a living hell. Don’t be that boss or coworker. Support others. Lift them up.

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice, and it will always serve you well. People will remember how you made them feel, so don’t break others down. Often times, the mean girls or boys of the world act that way out of fear or jealousy or some other misguided notion. Don’t be that person. Let’s all work together to be kind to one another.

We specialize in human resources, training and coaching, and believe us, we see everything. We were inspired to talk about being kind because of a few close friends’ stories where they were mistreated by a boss or coworker who perhaps could have been kinder, more understanding, but for seemingly no reason, were less than kind. 

Don’t be intimidated by others, and if you are, don’t let that feeling inside you translate into treating that person as less than. Same thing goes for fear. And if you simply don’t like someone, that’s fine. It happens. Just don’t let it show. You’re a professional. You’ve got this, so act like you do. Ultimately, the hurt you put on someone else by treating them a certain way in the workplace will leave them and they’ll move on with their day. But the brand you put on yourself by acting that way, will build and build until that’s what you’re known for. 

It’s your choice – will you be nice, especially to those you don’t want to be kind to? It just might change not only you, but that person too.