Job Boards and How to Use Them Effectively as a Recruiter


Job boards can be very helpful to recruiters when used effectively. Here are our best tips for using job boards:

1) Choose the right job board:

There are many, many job boards out there, so it’s important to do your research before using a job board. Check on things like the number of registered users, views and clicks. Check to see if people in your industry are using a particular job board before diving in head first.

2) Make your job easy to find:

Talk to people who have used the job boards you’re planning to use, or talk to your account manager at different job boards to find how best to position your job. Also look at the jobs in your industry that seem to be getting a lot of interest. What are they doing right?

3) Write your job description succinctly and make it sound interesting:

You can get into specifics about a job and all the ins and outs of it during an interview. Be sure to use up precious job board space with all the exciting details and the most important qualities you’re looking for. Think 300 words, not 600 words here as a general rule.

4) Use as many job boards as you need:

Most people looking for a job will look multiple places, and your job should be posted in multiple places too. Use a few relevant boards to your industry and the audience you think you want to attract.

5) Pay attention to your posting:

A good recruiter pays attention to the posting during its time online. If you’re not getting the results you want from a specific posting, does it need to be reworded? Or maybe add a few keywords? Monitoring the posting during its lifespan can help you target areas of the posting or the job board that you didn’t immediately see.