Creative recruiting strategies

We get it. Recruiting the right people to your team can be tough, and sometimes, seemingly impossible given the current employment rates across the county. To help the hiring process along and hopefully help you attract the right candidates, we have a few tips we’ve learned along the way that just might give you some inspiration. 

The first, and perhaps most important piece of advice we have, is to really know and understand the technical skills and personality strengths a successful candidate will possess. We understand most companies aren’t a one-size-fits-all operation so it’s best to sit down and think about who you really want and what qualities and experience your ideal candidate will have. This will help you target potential matches better and allow you to spot when someone wouldn’t be a fit right from the start.

Second, we encourage you to have a social media presence that incorporates your company culture – the real one – so potential candidates can do a little digging of their own. Allow them to see how your office operates, the personalities behind the scenes and the details that make your company stand out. This could attract the right candidates to your doorstep if they’re interested in your company.

Consider implementing an employee referral program. Presumably you hired your current team for a reason, we’re betting they may know other potential great hires, and with a little incentive may work to think out of the box for you even before your next hiring need arises.

Similarly, use your network. You probably already know great candidates or know people who do and can pinpoint those who are looking for work. Chat with colleagues you trust about job openings or future staffing needs, and you might be surprised at what comes of a simple conversation.

This one we’ve heard in our travels and really think it could be a game changer. Build your employee experience into a career/about us page on your company website so answers are readily available for job seekers. Candidates want to know about your company culture and what they’d be getting themselves into if they look to you for work. Be transparent on your website and highlight some of the great things about working for you, and communicate your company’s culture in a way that could just have candidates seeking you out. For instance, does your company have great benefits or do you offer learning opportunities? Those are things you’d want to highlight.

Finally, be courageous and reach out to your dream candidate who isn’t actively searching for work. If the person you’d love to hire already has a job and isn’t available, who’s to say that candidate wouldn’t be interested in meeting for a cup of coffee? Engage them in a polite way and explain the position. You never know what might come of a simple meeting. They may even know someone in their network who is right and the timing just works.