Developing people at every level


Simmons Group offers customized training designed to Create positive behavioral changes. With years of experience, we deliver proven training programs, team building exercises, motivational presentations and coaching. Our highly personalized interactions help people learn to perform effectively with other team members, and to excel as individuals. We have developed people at every level of leadership and are dedicated to the continued growth of our clients with an emphasis on strategic succession planning.


How adults learn

At Simmons Group we foster life long learning through an experiential approach. By using a variety of learning models we ensure your team will leave with a clear understanding of the training principles we provide.

How Adults Learn

What our clients are saying

“International Market Centers has worked with the Simmons Group on a variety of projects for the past six years, including during our transition in 2011 when four different companies became IMC. The Simmons Group helped successfully bring together different cultures, technology and practices at IMC. Their highly experienced team consistently provided support by delivering dynamic, customized training and coaching. They share a core set of values that we have implemented at the workplace, including sharing a positive attitude, respect and integrity. Their work has led to increased productivity and improved employee relations. The Simmons Group is a dedicated team that helps find, design and execute solutions. Any company would be fortunate to learn from the best.”

Carolyn Conley | International Market Centers

How can we help?

With over 30 years of training experience we have developed a systematic approach to training the fundamentals for successful team work and business growth. Our packages are designed to maximize team training and we can also tailor a training series to your specific business needs.