My Quarter Turns

The Quarter Turns Coaching System is a personalized program specifically designed to meet the accelerated pace of the modern business leader. Achievement at the highest levels rarely comes about through massive change, but rather through tiny “Quarter Turns” identified during the Coaching process that can be implemented and applied immediately and have a noticeable impact. Participants will utilize our proven 5 step coaching system to identify and develop strategic paths towards peak performance.

 During the process, the Coaching Candidate will gain awareness around common challenges and will develop sustainable strategies to work toward their desired outcomes. Professional and Personal development systems are set into motion along with intensive accountability through one on one coaching conversations and associated course work, enabling willing participants to achieve and excel at a rapid yet sustainable pace. Participants are challenged to make an honest assessment of the attitudes and behaviors that have shaped their current outcomes. Candidates will be challenged to focus on current strengths, and apply those strategies by making subtle “Quarter Turns” to create measurable changes and achieve desired results.

Our five step coaching process

Step 1: Awareness
How are you showing up in your business? In your life? How do you maintain the passion and energy for what you do and how you do it? What impact are you having on those around you? Is it matching up with your intentions? If not, why not? Work/Life Flow, Important Relationships, Communication, Health and Wellness, all aspects of your life are open to discussion here to identify areas where you can make slight adjustments “Quarter Turns” and improve results. It is here where we can usually identify some unproductive behaviors and habits that have consistently kept you from reaching your full potential and also where we can create some new habits that are more in line with where you want to be.

Step 2: Clarity
Here is where we take inventory of where you are, identifying your goals and challenges, both personal and professional. This is where you clearly identify your personal brand and vision of where you want to go, with as much detail as possible. This is a process that is constantly revisited and measured during the Coaching Program.

Step 3: Identify Obstacles
My first coach once told me “life hands you the same lesson over and over again until you figure our how you are going to deal with it.” This is where we clearly identify and label those challenges that keep showing up in your work and in your life and have continuously challenged you and kept you from fulfilling your vision.

Step 4: Strategies
Now we have identified the obstacles time to develop strategies and apply “Quarter Turns” to help you consistently achieve your goals and outcomes, turning your vision into reality.

Step 5: Application & Sustainability
Once these strategies are in place we can measure and modify as necessary to create a new, more productive habit. Through Coaching and accountability the client commits and applies strategies. Coach and client break down these strategies into manageable steps, monitor progress, and make adjustments as necessary.

How we work


Our mission in coaching is to help motivated individuals get what they want, and achieve at their full potential. Through the process, Leaders will learn to build and create teams willing to die for them vs. slowly dying under them.

While each Coaching Client experience is fluid and unique to the individual, there is some structure provided within the framework of a 5 Step Coaching Process.

Clients that enter the program will receive:

  • Initial consultation to discuss intended outcomes, review pre-consultation assessment, and determine if candidate and coach are a good fit.

  • Review of any previously taken assessments such as DiSC, Meyers Briggs, ect. (360 profile optional for additional charge)

  • Phone conference with admin, and/or other relevant individuals if needed.

  • Program requires a 3 month minimum commitment

  • Scheduled weekly/bi-weekly coaching calls 30-60 minutes. Frequency varies based on client and level of chosen service.

  • Associated Program Course Work based upon pre-determined outcomes, assessments and 5 Step Coaching Process.

  • Participant is expected to complete coaching commitments and course tasks in between scheduled coaching sessions.

  • All participants are expected to contact coach at scheduled dates and times.

  • Unlimited email access to Coach.

  • (911) Calls for all candidates, in between live session as needed.

  • Face to face conversations are encourages as schedules permit during the coaching period.

 ** Pre-work and assessments allow Coach & Client to hit the ground running**

What our clients are saying

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"My Coach has an amazing talent of being able to hone in on one’s unique attributes and point out their strengths and challenges in a non-confrontational and easy to understand manner. He was well adept at fine tuning those attributes to help a person become more successful in their communication skills & interpersonal relationships at work and at home. Through my journey with the Quarter Turns Coaching Program, I was able to conquer some of the challenges I face in the workplace with skills I already had, but that were enhanced and more developed with
these coaching techniques. 

I would highly recommend this program to successful people who desire a higher level of self-awareness and how
they can be more effective using the tools they already have."

Carol Anne Craft | Director of Marketing | Valley View Casino & Hotel

What to expect

Honesty: We will tell you what you need to hear vs. what you want to hear.
Neutrality: Many of our Clients value the opportunity to share thoughts & ideas regarding the organization knowing that we do not “have a dog in the hunt” yet still 100% committed to their success.
Perspective: Having a trusted Coach and confidant outside the parameters of your organization can offer multiple options and an alternative perspective on common situations.
Energy & Passion: We have coached thousands of professionals in the Quarter Turns Coaching Program from the CEO down to the Loading Doc Manager, with Clients as Diverse as Platinum Selling Rock Stars, to Real Estate Brokers and nothing charges us up more then to watch each and every one of them continue to grow and succeed at the highest levels in their chosen fields. You will find our energy and enthusiasm with regards to your success contagious.
Flexibility: Although we will set a day and time for our sessions, we understand that business and life are not predictable and there may be times when you will need to reschedule due to a meeting, travel or emergencies. For that reason we maintain some flexibility in my schedule to allow for variations in yours.
Results: Ultimately you are hiring a Coach for results, and that what this program will deliver for you or your team.